The Expede Group works to deliver efficient and streamlined technology and services to both the private and public sectors, with specialist focus on higher education and events. With decades of experience in information technology and event management, the consultation on and development of solutions has been the core of the Group's growth.


The Expede Group manages a portfolio of three complementary businesses, that designs, develops and markets technology solutions. The Expede leadership channels decades of experience to both the collective group and its individual companies. Starting as a consultancy business in 2013, providing tailored management and IT-based solutions to UK educational establishments.

The Expede Group owns and manages the YADA Events platform, a direct response to sector-specific problems within the event industry. The company designs, develops and markets the YADA app as a tool for real-time event management and client-driven data distribution. In 2017, the Group completed the purchase of The Event Marketing Machine, that delivers outsourced marketing support for trade show exhibitors globally.


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